Our vocation

our vocation is to develop and produce small, medium and large series of bar-cut and milled parts, custom-made to meet our customers’ most demanding requirements.

Vardeco, high-speed turning, cam machines

Screw machining

260 cams machines whom 175 high speed machines, allow us a weekly capacity of over 60 million parts…

Always at the cutting edge of technology, our production facilities enable us to meet any technical challenge. Do not hesitate to contact us…

Reworking & bending

We have a stock of more than 50 modified high-speed transfer machines based on the Tornos Rol 8 and Rol 13 as well as machines developed in-house by our research and development department.

We can also perform your parts bending.

Vardeco, high-speed machining, secondary operation
Vardeco, CNC screw machine tornos

CNC & Milling

In addition to the screw machining offers, our comprehensive stock of CNC and milling machines allows us to perform specific machining while maintaining the accuracy that characterises us.


With a rate of over 200 parts per minute, our stock of 28 clip-shell and hood assembly machines can easily meet your requirements.

Vardeco, high-speed machining and assembly
Vardeco, high-speed machining and deburring

Washing / Deburring

We use modern deburring, sanding and ultrasound washing units to obtain the highest possible quality.