The Acrotec group is currently made up of 28 companies and 2700 employees. In response to this exceptional growth, organisational changes have been implemented to guarantee the support and guidance necessary to ensure the sustainability of our industrial trades related to micromechanics.

Acrotec has therefore decided to propose three CEOs for 2023 for each of its branches (Watchmaking & Jewellery, Medtech and Precision High Tech). Vardeco is part of the High-Tech Precision division and represents about 50% of its activity.

Since the beginning of this year, Marjolaine Cordier has had the honour of leading and promoting this entity, after having been the director of Vardeco for over six years.

To ensure proper management and to uphold Vardeco’s values, we have the support of Mr Fabien Bouduban, who has been the CEO of Vardeco since January 2023. Mr Bouduban is one of Acrotec’s partner and the former owner of Tectri, which is mainly active in Medtech.

Mr Bouduban relies on the expertise and professionalism of Vardeco’s entire management team to continue to meet any challenges and to further the company’s development.


Top from left to right : Fabien Bouduban (CEO) / Fabrice Schmitlin (Sales Manager) / Thibaut Guiral (Production Manager) / Marc Chappatte (HR Manager)

Bottom from left to right : Alice Davoine (Supply Chain Manager) / Nicolas Devreux (Purchasing Manager) / Pascaline Amestoy (Quality Manager)