One of our main objectives is the constant evolution and modernisation of our tools of production.

The last project we completed was the computerization of the visual inspection department. All parts produced by Vardeco must go through the “visual inspection” department to meet our customers’ quality requirements.

Until this change, the operation of this department was manual via paper documents and therefore the amount of information monitored was limited and not fully accessible. Thanks to the implementation of this project, we have improved and secured our information management. We can now rely on factual data to manage the organisation of the department.

We set out below in more detail the various developments / improvements observed following the computerization of workstations :

  • Some information is now available electronically and updated instantly, which reduces the risk of error and the use of paper.
  • Computer declarations of processed batches
  • More precision on the physical location of our items in production
  • Automatic display of our technical drawings
  • Securing notified quantities via barcode reading
  • Possibility for data analysis / Creation of indicators
  • Dual monitors for user comfort
  • Addition of one mailbox per controller to make communication easier